Nora Pitz

Previously, Nora worked as a consultant & partner for clients driving sustainability and circularity. In her role she was responsible for advising in and working out strategies for making entire organisations more sustainable. Nora’s focus has been on the complex heavy industry to reduce their impact on our planet by thinking of circular design, innovative product developments and being able to create data-driven impact. She advised and supported clients in translating long-term objectives into short-term actions and feasible planning.

As an environmental and permitting consultant this involved playing a key role in all aspects of a team of environmental specialists, including guiding the clients on unravelling more complex permit applications and issues. Considering national and international rules and legislation played a crucial role in her advisory approach.

Furthermore, Nora conducted business development considering the key questions: How to attract more clients to be convinced of having to reduce their negative impact on the planet and lead to a positive contribution? How to involve colleagues in this quest? Keeping an eye on the developments in the markets and adjusting, safeguarding, and optimising plans accordingly.

Before working as a consultant, Nora has worked several years in the heavy industry herself and after she had finished her phd in particle physics.

Nora is truly passionate about her work and greatly enjoys what she does. She loves challenges, working on solutions to seemingly unsolvable issues and overcoming difficult obstacles. Complex, multi-faceted situations, variety, and difficulty become ends in themselves, and make it even more interesting. She pursues work that achieves something of value, solving environmental problems, improving people’s safety, ensuring an organisation or project becomes sustainable.