Maarten van Bijnen

Maarten believes that communication has the power to change our world. If we tell the right stories, we can drive the changes we want to see. Maarten’s passion blended with his large dose of creative, critical, and strategic thinking make that he is always on the lookout for sustainable solutions. At NewForesight, that makes Maarten the go-to person to brainstorm communication strategies and content development.

Maarten is a political science nerd. With his background in Conflict Studies, focusing on land rights issues, Maarten has studied political interests, social movements, and resistance strategies. But Maarten is also a creative. He has studied Multimedia Design with a specialization in Film & Video. That means that he can not only tell you about social resistance to land grabbing in Tanzania, but also about appealing storytelling techniques.

Before NewForesight, Maarten has worked in the nonprofit field, focusing on land rights, peacebuilding, climate change and denuclearization.

Maarten is more than happy to talk about communications and storytelling for social impact.