Justin de Bruijn – Office Hero

Justin has spent a total of four years living in Ecuador. He started off working at a local NGO ‘’Chicos de la Calle’’ dedicated to rescuing and educating street children and ended up founding his own foundation through which he provided scholarships to those same children and built houses for families in need.

Having seen the devastating effects failing systems have on the most vulnerable groups in society, he is extremely motivated to contribute to NewForesight’s mission of confronting sustainability challenges and making systems work for everyone. As an office assistant he is happy to support the office and its consultants in a practical and meaningful way.

Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in Dutch Law and a master’s degree in international Trade and Investment Law from the University of Amsterdam. He chose to focus his masters on the balance between investor protection and sustainable development in South American countries after an internship at the Dutch Embassy in Lima, Peru.

Email: justin.debruijn@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-de-bruijn-713524137/
Skype: live:justin.debruijn