Jennifer Morton – Duchess of Diplomacy

Jennifer is a systemic thinker who brings a structural mindset combined with an eye for detail to every project she works on at NewForesight. With a talent for tact and diplomacy, she is a natural at engaging with stakeholders and managing client relations, and understands how to align different stakeholder agendas to drive the success of any sustainability partnership.

As an Analyst at NewForesight, Jennifer puts these skills into practice with her central role in the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA). Being extensively involved in strategic analyses as well as project management support and communications, Jennifer juggles different skill-sets to help our clients tackle the challenges in organic cotton and organize governance in the sector. Her innovative analysis on tipping points in sustainability markets and insights about the success conditions for sustainability partnerships have been used as central building blocks in OCA’s sector-wide vision for how to structurally transform the organic cotton sector.

Jennifer was awarded a First Class in her Master of Arts Honours degree in International Relations from the University of St Andrews. In addition, she is further pursuing her academic interests with part-time study towards an MSc in Corporate Social Responsibility with Sustainable Development.

Skype: jenniferlilliana