Eva Schouten – Idealistic Impact Marketeer

Combine excitement about impact with a bucket-load of creativity and you get Eva. She uses Marketing and Communications to grasp the meaning of NewForesight projects and finds innovative ways to convey effective messaging. Marketing for her is not about putting impact down on paper—it is actually a way of creating change altogether.

As Communications officer for the Organic Cotton Accelerator, Eva took care of both internal and external communications towards a wide range of stakeholders. Eva is responsible for the Marketing and Communication strategy at NewForesight, as well as building the company’s brand identity. Eva also plays an important role in developing the tools that help NewForesight’s clients clearly define and strategically use their value propositions for sustainability change.

Before joining NewForesight, Eva worked as an ‘Impact Fairy’ at Lendahand where she worked on impact reporting and research.

Eva holds an MSc in International Development Studies from Utrecht University.

Email: eva.schouten@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eva-schouten-b579b661/
Skype: evaschouten1993