Dylan Jongbloed

Dylan holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts & Science from University College Utrecht and a master’s degree in Sustainable Business & Innovation from Utrecht University. During these studies, Dylan gained experience in the areas of Life Cycle Analysis, Innovation Sciences, Circular Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility. While wrapping up his study at University College Utrecht, he spent several months in East-Africa and performed a field study on the financial sustainability of community-managed water resources in rural South-East Kenya. The latter experience solidified his interest in the interface of sustainable development and sustainable business cases, especially within the context of low-income countries. It resulted in multiple internships (specifically concerning Water Sanitation & Hygiene) at organizations engaged in international development cooperation, among which the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Elemental Water Foundation.

At NewForesight, Dylan is engaged in Impact Analytics, specifically relating to the topics of fair pricing, living income/wage benchmarking and risk mapping. Dylan is a team player that easily familiarizes himself with unfamiliar sectors and information, and joined NewForesight to contribute to positive impact for those that need it most.

In his spare time, Dylan enjoys composing music, wave surfing or bouldering with friends – depending on the weather.

Email: dylan.jongbloed@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dylanjongbloed/