Diane Zandee

Diane will lead the Circular Economy Acceleration of NewForesight, focusing on business models, investments and strategic development.

Diane is a financial professional, consultant and researcher with broad experience in the logistics, finance and energy market. She was Chief Financial Officer at Trunkrs, a scale up in logistics and worked at several socially oriented organizations such as Schiphol, the Dutch Railways (NS) and Eneco. In her career at Eneco, she has been fully committed to the energy transition, including reporting from financial departments on sustainable performance and, in her last role as Procurement Director, finding new forms of collaboration with market parties.

As a finance professional, she was always looking for the connection with a more sustainable world, which is why she calls herself a sustainable CFO. After starting her PhD position in 2018, researching the financial aspects of the circular economy, her ambition is to train and facilitate companies, CFOs, financial institutions and accountants to support in the linear-circular transition.

As a researcher, Diane teaches sustainability classes at Nyenrode, works with Monash University in Melbourne and is a member of Het Groene Brein, a collective of researchers on sustainability practices.  Diane is always connecting with practice, such as in the Coalition Circular Accounting, an initiative of Circle Economy and the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA) to find the gaps in accounting in combination with the circular economy.

Diane has a master’s degree in Business Administration, is Chartered Controller (RC) and did an executive program on Corporate Social Responsibility at Erasmus University. In 2018 she started her PhD research on the financial challenges in the circular economy.


Email: Diane.Zandee@newforesight.com

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/diane-zandee-8b34372