Deborah Touw

Deborah has a vocational diploma in hospitality management, a bachelor’s degree in International Food & Agribusiness from HAS University of Applied Science and a master’s degree in Social & Cultural Anthropology from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Coming from the lower levels of Dutch education (MBO 4), it shows that she is dedicated and loves to learn. One of her life motto’s is: “there is always room to grow and become better”. She likes to learn through  academia, as well as a sewing course or learn to speak and understand a new language (Spanish) or increasing her professional skills.

Deborah’s interest in sustainability and different cultures increased during her 6-month research internship on youth in agricultural cooperatives in Tanzania. Which followed by an anti-food waste project in Liberia after her studies. These experiences triggered her to study for a master’s degree. Next to master studies, she worked at a coffee start-up where she was part of making the coffee sector more sustainable.

Through working at NewForesight, she wants to pursue her passion in sustainability, use her system thinking to assist companies and organisations and their sustainability challenges, and gain more in-depth knowledge of a broad range of topics to help others go beyond their own expectations. She is part of the Organisation and Sector Strategy domain.