Davide De Mauro

Davide is a creative analytical thinker who combines the systemic approach of an industrial ecologist with a narrow focus of an environmental and bio-system engineer. With his interdisciplinary background and eagerness to make a tangible impact, Davide is driven by the mission of changing the way we produce food by taking a business-oriented and data-driven approach.

At NewForesight Davide is currently working on analyzing Service Delivery Models (SDM) as well as global market transformation projects across several agricultural sectors. In his projects, he plays a key role in collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data and translating these into key insights for the client. By combining his creativity with his quantitative modeling skills, Davide is very effective in using his systemic mindset to break down complexity and enabling strategic data-driven discussions around the most urgent sustainability challenges.

Before joining NewForesight, Davide worked as a researcher for both academic and non-academic organizations on several sustainability projects, including quantitative environmental assessments, strategic market research, and socio-economic analysis for a wide range of sectors.

Davide holds a joint MSc. Degree (Cum Laude) in Industrial Ecology from Delft University, Leiden University and Wageningen University and he was awarded the Stan Prize by the Institute of Environmental Science of Leiden University for his thesis on quantitative future scenarios of the Dutch dairy sector.

Email: davide.demauro@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davide-de-mauro-a75356b2/
Skype: davide.demauro