David Faergeman

With a master’s degree in Agricultural Development, David has a solid theoretical and practical background that he will leverage in his work with agricultural value chains. David’s primary focus is on systems thinking, sustainable development, and business case modelling. His experience with both quantitative and qualitative methods, as well as a theoretical background in both social and natural sciences, makes him a valuable and versatile asset in tackling complex sustainability issues.

David is on a mission to create a just world for all. For this to happen, the price we pay for goods must reflect the actual costs incurred by producers and the environment. Such a market-driven approach has made David find his home at NewForesight’s Impact Analytics domain.

David has previously held jobs in the agriculture and food sector in both Denmark and abroad, including the Danish Food & Agriculture Council, Fairtrade Denmark, and the Dutch FairChain Foundation, where he has worked with producers, processors, exporters, and retailers. In his work with smallholder farming systems, David draws on his experience with conducting field work among smallholder farmers in Malaysia and Ethiopia.

David holds an MSc in Agricultural Development.

Email: david.faergeman@newforesight.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/david-færgeman-8870919a/
Skype: david.faergeman@newforesight.com