Cato Koole

Cato is very driven to create a better world for next generations and derives her energy from the intellectual challenge of solving complex problems. Combining this with the associative qualities she developed in her artistic past make her a very competent problem solver. Though idealistic, she is pragmatic and flexible, always trying to understand the underlying drivers for unsustainable phenomena, behavior and actors’ positions.

At NewForesight Cato works on global market transformation strategies for several sectors. Here, she applies her sense for complexity to analyze the systemic drivers for the unsustainable status quo. Conscious of how each sector has it’s own situation and dynamics, she uses her creativity and ‘realistic optimism’ to turn problems into opportunities while keeping the complex context in mind.

Prior to NewForesight Cato worked for two years as an independent sustainability consultant on several innovative market transformation projects, including multi-stakeholder processes with large multinationals and innovative initiatives redesigning international value chains and driving sustainable system change.

Skype: Cato.Koole