With a background in both the social and environmental sciences, Anke loves to work on complex sustainability challenges which require collaboration, creativity and interdisciplinary thinking to solve. She is a strong advocate of using systems thinking to understand complex problems, and always aims to understand root causes of (client) problems before diving into solutions to leverage change.

Anke holds a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Roosevelt (Cum Laude) and a MSc. in Sustainable Business and Innovation from Utrecht University. Before joining NewForesight, she wrote her thesis about the impact of System Leadership Programs on facilitating long-term, organizational change. Additionally, she worked on innovation and sustainability projects for e.g. KPMG Sustainability and Rijkswaterstaat, and participated in summer/winter schools about Entrepreneurship, Climate Innovation and Systemic Change. Anke loves to engage with like-minded people to realize high-impact solutions for a just, social and environmentally sustainable society, and is an AISEC, Academics for Development and EIT Climate KIC Alumna.Within NewForesight, Anke works on multi-stakeholder projects across various agro-commodity sectors. She has a special interest in sustainable sector transformations, multi-stakeholder facilitation, and developing or implementing new corporate sustainability strategies for, and together with, clients. On a personal level, Anke is passionate about personal development, traveling (by train), being in nature, cooking, and exploring new countries and cultures.

E-mail: anke.keulen@newforesight.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankekeulen/