Angie Lopez

Angie is an economist who is fascinated by the management of data, modelling, and the execution of quantitative economic analyses that contributes to the decision-making in areas of development at a governmental and corporate level. After her experience in the public sector, Angie completed a postgraduate degree in Econometrics that gave her the tools to transform data and economic theory into relevant findings for the projects in which she was involved. However, her passion has always been the way business and government decisions influence economic development and the potential impact on the environment and society. Therefore, she decided to pursue a MSc in Economics with an emphasis on Sustainable Development at Tilburg University, which allowed her to acquire academic and practical knowledge about the sources of economic growth, the obstacles to achieving development, and a broader conception of growth with the rational and sustainable use of resources.

Prior to working at Newforesight Angie worked in sustainable development areas in the academy, private and public sectors. As a lead economist at the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce, she coordinated sector research, data collection and analysis, financial planning and provided business advice to translate clients’ necessities into strategies and products that supported their business in detail and guide them through their transformation.

At NewForesight, Angie works as an analyst in the Impact Analytics domain. She wants to contribute to understanding sustainability issues on the ground through complex data-driven analyses that provide insights about supply chain intricacies across market segments and the sustainability challenges that companies face in their transformation path.

Angie loves painting and cooking traditional Colombian and international food in her free time. She also enjoys travelling and sharing with people from different cultures to expand her worldview.