Alejandra Sota

Alejandra joined NewForesight to contribute to a more sustainable world, and although she loves complex quantitative data analysis, her professional interest is to go beyond it. She wants to help society to tackle sustainability challenges. For her, the main challenge is to transition towards an economy that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

Before joining NewForesight, Alejandra worked as a research consultant for four years. Her sectors of expertise are energy, fisheries, and climate change. From working on the financial assessment of climate change mitigation projects in the energy sector, to develop indicators for policy evaluation in the fishing and aquaculture sector; Alejandra has gained experience in integrating social and environmental considerations into the analysis of projects.

She has an MA in Development Studies with a major in Agrarian, Food and Environmental Studies from Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherlands. There, Alejandra focused her thesis on the complexities of sustainable fishing in the artisanal sector in Peru. Her quantitative passion started when she pursued a Bachelor in Economics in Universidad del Pacífico in Peru, and from a course in Advanced Econometrics at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom.