Meet our experts

NewForesight consists of a dedicated group of professionals who are passionate about tackling the tough sustainability challenges of our time. We believe that the best ideas come from bringing together a broad range of perspectives. Our diverse team of experts consists of strong individuals who each contribute in their own way to the final solution. Head to their bio’s to get to know them. 


Lucas Simons

Chief Inspiration

Joost Gorter

Inspirational Strategist

William Saab

Random Number Generator

Silvana Paniagua

Creative Strategist

Laurens Speelman

Captain Complexity

Apoorve Khandelwal

Passionate Sustainability Wizard

Julie Phillips

Inclusive Innovator

Wouter van Monsjou

Lean Green Insights Machine

Eline Arnoldy

Champion of Change

Daniel Pedersen

Rural Rejuvenator

Jennifer Morton

Duchess of Diplomacy

Andrea Viviers

Justice Warrior

Eva Schouten

Idealistic Impact Marketeer

Cato Koole

Systemic Trailblazer

Narita Panjaitan

Social Impact Engineer

Victor Dagnelie

Fundamental Physicist

Davide De Mauro

Systemic change commander

Tessa van der Meiden

Office Ninja

Robin Hooft van Huysduynen

Junior Analyst

Peter Chauvel

Junior Analyst

Benson Phillips

Fighter of Food Waste

Our strategy advisors

Wouter-Jan Schouten
Our seasoned partner Wouter-Jan has over 20 years of experience in management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group. He has worked with many of Europe’s leading companies in the consumer products, agro and food industries across Europe, Asia and Africa. He also supported the top team of the Dutch Agro-Food sector in setting the pre-competitive sector agenda in 2011. Wouter-Jan holds an MSc in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Combining his network and expertise with NewForesight thinking has already proved to be a winning combination. This is exemplified in the “New Horizons for the Transitioning of our Food System” report which has been initiated by Wouter-Jan and jointly prepared by teams from NewForesight, Commonland, and The Boston Consulting Group. The report argues that the pressing challenges facing our food system can be translated into opportunities if we change our prevailing logic and adopt a holistic approach towards the food transition. The report gives us a clear mandate to engage (new) clients in our work.

Besides his role as a Strategy Advisor at NewForesight, Wouter-Jan is also the theme director for Food Chain Sustainability and Dynamics at the Top Institute Food and Nutrition (TiFN).

Ted van der Put

As of January 2017 Ted works as an independent consultant. In this role he supports companies and other organizations to develop and implement (more) sustainable strategies. Together with NewForesight he has been working on an international sustainability strategy for a large manufacturer of conveyance solutions. Besides his role as Strategy Advisor at NewForesight, Ted is Executive Advisor at IDH and Member of the Board at FairPhone.

Ted van der Put carries over 20 years management and sustainability. He worked for 25 years at Philips Electronics where he developed his  passion for long-term value creation, engaging teams and stakeholders with a common vision to deliver the targeted results. Over the years Ted became increasingly concerned with the impact of “business as usual” and was convinced that (collective) leadership efforts of frontrunner companies could leverage sustainable development in service of people, planet, and profit. From 2010 until 2017 Ted has been working as a Director and Executive Board member of the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) and provided leadership to a wide variety of (mainstream) sector transformation initiatives like the Global Coffee Platform, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and The Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes (ISLA).