Our clients

NewForesight turns tough sustainability challenges into shared opportunities.

To structurally tackle tough sustainability challenges and create lasting impact, we need to be in it for the long run. Transformational strategies take time, and we will learn along the way. Flexibility and creativity combined with solid experience and the right partners can find the opportunities in any hurdle that we might encounter. Together with you, we look forward to embarking on a journey towards true sector sustainability.

The way we work

We strive to make our clients partners. All our clients can hold us accountable to the same three NewForesight promises, but for those clients that gain official partner status, we do more. They can reserve our time, have preferential rates for projects, and they gain access to NewForesight events and publications. Together, we have a long-term commitment to attain true sector sustainability.

Meet six of our key partners:


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Do you have a tough sustainability challenge to tackle?

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Our work

Our track record includes many projects for a variety of clients that are all focused on creating shared opportunities by tackling tough sustainability challenges. On this world map, you will find a selection of our projects, including the opportunity we created in each project. You can find projects by selecting the solution, key partner or key sector (coffee, cocoa, cotton) that you are interested in.

Our clients are frontrunners in their sector who have chosen to take on a complex sustainability challenge. They know such systemic problems cannot be addressed alone, and look to include other stakeholders and create momentum for change in their sector. To have structural positive impact, we challenge ourselves and the status quo, and we inspire our clients to do the same.

A select overview of our clients: