Dutch agriculture is dominated by low quality production and still​ ​one third of food in supply chains is​ wasted. On June 1st, Lucas opened the NRC live Agrifood & Tech conference with a keynote presentation on tackling these challenges and transforming the Dutch agricultural sector. By setting a sector​-​wide shared vision, an actionable plan and ​implementing vehicle​,​ the agricultural sector of the Netherlands can be transformed towards a system ​that rewards high quality food production, ​minimizes food waste and reduces the negative impact on the environment with f.e. regenerative farming methods.

​In total​, ​​150 representatives of the government, private sector, research institutions and non-profits ​came together on this first edition of the Agri Tech conference to talk​ about​ the transition of Dutch agriculture​. ​As Dutch consumers are currently interested more than ever ​in where their food comes from, the time is ​​now to turn the tides to​wards​ a ‘Made in Holland’ we can be proud of.

You can download the presentation here.

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