August 27, 2015

In the recent months, NewForesight consultants completed a diverse range of projects. In July, consultants Hilde van Duijn and Laure Heilbron delivered a study on standards and accreditation development for inclusive business. This was done for the Inclusive Business Accelerator Network. The organization is using the study results to develop their standard and accreditation system for inclusive business advisory services.

Katinka Abbenbroek, partner, and Wouter van Monsjou, analyst, recently finished a report on land governance in the global South for the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs. This work involved carrying out extensive interviews with large Dutch companies in agro commodities, floriculture, palm oil and infrastructure sectors operating in countries in South-East Asia, South America and sub-Saharan Africa.

Other projects include Joost Gorter facilitating discussions among various departments at the ministry of Foreign Affairs to align on their sustainability goals, Bart Vollaard building investment review strategy for landscape restoration for Commonland and an analysis into the Supply Risk Analysis tool of WWF by Laure Heilbron and Niko Wojtynia. For more information about what we do, see our work or contact our consultants.