NewForesight supports IDH to drive performance in service delivery

November 13th, 2015

IDH has identified that competition between supply chain actors often prevents best practices from being broadly shared, particularly in the delivery of inputs and other support services to upstream actors such as smallholder farmers. The lack of insight into the cost effectiveness and return on investment of service delivery in the supply chain compounds this issue.

NewForesight has supported IDH in analyzing different Service Delivery Models (SDMs) in order to develop a methodology of analyzing the economic viability of Service Delivery Models. This model laid the foundation for the review of SDMs, by identifying key performance ratios and crucial levers for improvement.

The project now focuses on scaling up the number of cases to test and fine-tune the evaluation model, in order to build a broad knowledge base of different SDMs in different sectors.

NewForesight has conducted on-site evaluations and analyses of various SDMs, the list of which is still growing.

For more insights into the practicalities of SDM analysis, please see the recent case on chili farmers in India.