NewForesight was recently in Vietnam to present the Sustainable Sector Transformation Model at the Vietnam Coffee Outlook and Dialogue Forum.

The model is the result of the study conducted by NewForesight, Aidenvironment and IIED under the assignment of the IFC, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands, SECO and IDH. The aim of the study is to develop a transformation model for sustainability in smallholder-dominated agricultural commodity sectors.

Consultant Joost Gorter presented the results and recommendations drawn from the case study of the coffee sector in Vietnam to the Vietnamese Coffee Coordination Board. The presentation was followed by individual meetings with representatives from the sector, traders, roasters, government and financial institutions, which delivered feedback on the report. The model was received positively and with much interest.

Following the successful delivery of the model, consultant Laure Heilbron was invited by the general manager of Olam Group to accompany him on a visit to Dalat, a coffee growing region, where he visited Robusta and Arabica coffee farmers and processors.