28 July 2016

After 1.5 years at NewForesight, strengthening the foundation of a growing organization and driving positive change for clients, Katinka Abbenbroek will become the new Head of One Planet Thinking (OPT).

“I am thankful for having had the opportunity to work with so many interesting parties on exciting and challenging projects at NewForesight, and would like to thank all of my clients, partners, contacts, and colleagues personally for our positive and constructive collaboration. I am confident that, thanks to the focus on positive impact that we all share, our paths are sure to cross in the future.”

The importance of understanding impacts within planetary boundaries is what inspired the development of One Planet Thinking by partners Eneco, Ecofys, and WWF. OPT represents a new way for companies to look at their business and align it with what is needed for a healthy and resilient planet for next generations. As Head of OPT, Katinka will be working with scientific experts to create a community of academic and private sector frontrunners to implement One Planet Thinking in their business. The initiative is hosted by WWF NL in Zeist.

The philosophy behind One Planet Thinking is inspired by the Living Planet Report and the scientific model of Professor Johan Rockström, executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. OPT shows us where we need to be in the long-term, and what needs to be in place to realize this, which in turn acts as a strategic tool to define realistic short-to-medium-term goals.

The team at NewForesight is looking forward to continue its positive and constructive relationship with Katinka in her new position, and to strengthen the bonds between the two organizations to increase collaborative impact.

Should you have any questions regarding this development, please contact the office at +31 (0)30 234 82 94 or info@newforesight.com.