NewForesight experts at The Only Way is Up! conference November 5th & 6th in Rotterdam

Want to learn more about the conditions under which can farmers earn a Living Income? How to develop sustainable sourcing practices that promote a Living Income? How you can increase collaboration and accountability in a sector to create an enabling environment for Living Income? Please come meet our experts Lucas Simons, Joost Gorter and Daniel Pedersen at The Only Way is Up! conference this Tuesday and Wednesday, November 5th & 6th in Rotterdam.

These questions are a selection of the questions that NewForesight has worked on in partnership with leading organizations from the private, public and not-for-profit sector to find structural solutions to bridge the Living Income gap that persists in supply chains dominated by smallholder production.

It is not possible to drive sustainable change without ensuring a Living Income for smallholder farmers. First, because a Living Income allows smallholder farmers to invest in long-term sustainable production practices and the well-being of their household. Furthermore, it provides traders, manufacturers, and retailers with a concrete, measurable, long-term outcome to target their investments in more sustainable business.

But where do you invest your limited resources? And what determines success? First and foremost, it is important to take a systemic and coordinated approach to Living Income that works across different levels, including the farm, the supply chain, and the sector. At each level, different stakeholders will need to be involved, and different questions need to be addressed. At NewForesight, we have 10+ years of experience partnering with leading clients who want to find structural solutions to tough and complex sustainability challenges like Living Income.

We look forward learning about your key questions and sharing our expertise with you by giving you insight in our systemic approach to Living Income at The Only Way is Up! conference this Tuesday and Wednesday, November 5th & 6th in Rotterdam., where you can find  Lucas Simons (NewForesight Founder/CEO, visionary and system change expert), Joost Gorter (NewForesight Partner and sector transformation expert) and Daniel Pedersen (NewForesight consultant and coffee sector expert).

On Wednesday, November 6th Daniel Pedersen will facilitate a break-out discussion at 1.30 pm during the workshop “Up Your Game: Drivers & Actions to Tackle the Coffee Price Crisis”. The discussion will focus on: How do we get the data we need to act? Every sector needs precompetitive, credible data but HOW is this done with competitive and commercial concerns? What stakeholders do we need to assist with this data collection and what could their role be?