The first book written by NewForesight CEO Lucas Simons will be available in bookstores worldwide from November 10th. Changing the Food Game discloses the dynamics behind the present unsustainable production and trading system, but also offers a solution. The book presents the tipping points to a sustainable market transformation that has the potential to change the current landscape of food production and trade and provide a solution for the global food problem.

Lucas builds his theory upon years of experience with igniting sustainable market transformations in agriculture. First as the director of leading global certification and sustainability standard organization UTZ CERTIFIED and currently as CEO of NewForesight. Case studies from the agricultural sector, such as cocoa, palm oil and coffee expose the real story behind how our food makes it on to our plates, and presents a game-changing solution to revolutionize the industry.

The book comes highly recommended by various industry leaders. According to Barry Parkin, Chief Sustainability Officer Mars Incorporated, “Sustainability of global agricultural commodities is at a critical tipping point. We are at the junction between fragmented niche efforts that are falling short, and collective systematic action that realizes breakthrough impact with farmers and supply chains. This book maps the transformation and offers a path forwards. A must-read for leaders interested in long lasting impact at sector wide scale.”

Lucas will present the book in several events around the world. For example, in The Netherlands, at the TBLI ConferenceTM on 28 October. In Amman, Jordan at the Arab Forum for Environment and Development conference on Arab Food Security. And at the Young Professional event series of the World Affairs Council in Washington D.C. The events provide a possibility for a Q&A with the author, as well as a chance to gain more insight in the issues and solutions raised in the book.

More information on the book and a free download of the first chapter are already available on the website. Also, Changing the Food Game can be pre-ordered at a discount using the code ‘Ch4n4e’ here, for a limited time only.