New report ‘Sustainable Palm Oil: Europe’s Business’



New report ‘Sustainable Palm Oil: Europe’s Business’


IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and European Palm Oil Alliance (EPOA) have published a new report: ‘Sustainable Palm Oil: Europe’s business – fact, analysis and actions to leverage impact.’ The report shows fresh, data-driven insights on the palm

oil sector, and reveals how the reader can take action to drive sustainable market transformation of the palm oil sector.

As NewForesight, we are proud of the opportunity to support the creation of this report. Read the report here.

About our work:

At NewForesight, we drive transitions towards sustainable markets. We consequently regard this type of research as one step (‘Diagnose’) in a longer journey towards sustainable market transformation.

We can play a role at other levels too: feel free to reach out to us. Below is a selection what we can mean for you in palm oil, or in other (agricultural commodity) sectors. Do you have questions what NewForesight could mean for your sustainability challenges? Contact Joost Backer, Senior Consultant at NewForesight: joost.backer@newforesight.com.