Update 1 July 2017: following the positive reception of the webinar and questions from those who could not attend, we herewith share the recording of the webinar with you.

Following our New Horizons Report, which we co-authored with Commonland and presented to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, NewForesight is now focused on the next steps. For us, this means connecting frontrunners who are interested in putting insights about how to solve the challenges of our failing food system into practice , while creating opportunities for systemic change.

To this end, on June 14th, 12:30 pm – 14:30 pm, we hosted a New Horizons Webinar. We intend this to act as a call to action for organizations that appreciate the urgency and recognize the far-reaching opportunities in fixing our food system.

During the webinar:

– Wouter-Jan Schouten (Lead author Horizons report and Senior Advisor at NewForesight) will present the challenges and opportunities that the New Horizons report puts forward

– Michiel de Man (Co-author Horizons report and Director Strategy & Business Development at Commonland) will offer examples of applying these insights using a landscape restoration approach

– Lucas Simons (Founder/CEO of NewForesight and author of Changing The Food Game) will present multiple examples of turning this new thinking into strategies that turn complex challenges into shared opportunities in different value chains and consumer end-markets.

We invite all sustainability frontrunners to sign up for this webinar and join us in a discussion on the next steps towards a more sustainable world.