Meet our new Analyst Willem Jansink

Willem Jansink 

Willem has joined NewForesight as Analyst. We interviewed him to get to know him a bit better!


What made you apply for NewForesight?

I hold a deep-rooted motivation for enabling companies to make their business model more sustainable and show them that sustainability challenges can be transformed into business opportunities. NewForesight’s long-term vision, sustainable market transformation approach, and intrinsically motivated client base perfectly aligned with these ambitions. Furthermore, I found that NewForesight offers a young, dynamic, and international working environment with a lot of space for learning and self-development.

Are there podcasts that you can recommend?

Lately I have been particularly enjoying three podcast series on sustainability and wider development issues. The first is called Disrupt Development, telling inspiring stories of disruptive thinkers and doers within the field of sustainable development, specifically focusing on creating real-world impact. Another cool podcast is How to Save a Planet, a refreshing positive take on the challenges we are currently facing – especially targeted at those millennials (me included) that can feel pretty overwhelmed by all that is going on in the world. And, of course, this list would not be complete without the podcast Ecosofie: Duurzame Gesprekken. Only in Dutch, but very much worth a listen and supported by NewForesight itself.

What is something that you can’t wait to work on at NewForesight?

I am excited to have a deep dive into new topics, theories, and models outside of my comfort zone. This way, I hope to quickly broaden my knowledge and deepen my understanding on how to drive sustainability transitions beyond the sectors and frameworks I am familiar working with. Furthermore, I look forward to working with my new colleagues sharing the same passion for building a more sustainable world.