Meet our new Analyst: Emmanuel

Emmanuel joined us on the 1st of October as an Analyst, for the Impact Analytics team. We asked him about his first impressions and what he is looking forward to !

Emmanuel Ahovi – Analyst

What made you apply at NewForesight?

The core focus of NewForesight is what attracted me. Dedicating energy and resources to tackle sustainability challenges is something I always wanted to be part of. Actually, It was a friend of mine who first told me about NewForesight. She knew, I would like to be a part of an organization such as this because of my passionate involvement in discussions on sustainability and food systems in general on campus. Emphasis on the need to personally grow at NewForesight highlighted in your vacancy publications was also an important consideration for me. Overall, the Netherlands is also family-work friendly country.

What everything like you expected, stepping into the office?

Well, so far, my observations have been consistent with my expectations. My colleagues are super nice. When I have a ton of questions, I don’t feel any hesitation to pour them unto my colleagues and in return, they are always glad to help. Through the recruitment process, I met five individuals at different times excluding my constant correspondence with Tessa. That gave me some level of insight into NewForesight and familiarity with my potential colleagues. I remember on the very first day, almost everyone who saw me the first time said almost exactly the same thing…” hey Emmanuel, nice to meet you, you wanna take some coffee or tea?” haha. I liked that. So far, so good!

Are there books that you can recommend?

Yes. I haven’t personally read this book yet, but I think it will be interesting. It’s called ‘’Culture Map’ by Erin Meyer. I got to know about it through David. The book describes specific differences in how people from different cultures communicate and consider ideas at work. Maybe, it will help me better handle the directness of the Dutch, while not being surprised by my candy-coated approach to resolving issues. Long Walk to Freedom, the autobiography of Nelson Mandela is my all-time favorite. 

What is something that you can’t wait to work on at NewForesight?

Working on a project related to Living Income and fair pricing is something I am really looking forward to. In the end, my expertise will help contribute to the decision-making process that will potentially raise the income levels of agricultural commodity producers. This excites me a lot. Of course, I am also eager to utilize my skillset on future projects I will be assigned to.

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