Meet our new analyst Angie Lopez


Angie Lopez

Angie joined us recently as Analyst. We asked her about her first impressions and what she is looking forward to!

What made you apply at NewForesight?

After finishing my MSc in Economics with a specialization in Sustainable Development I desired to work in development areas to contribute with my knowledge to the execution of projects that impact positively the environment and society. I started looking for leading consultancies in sustainability, learning more about their projects and impacts and eventually applying for open vacancies. In this research, I found Newforesight’s webpage and social media information that gave me a glimpse of its ambition to help its clients navigate through multiple sustainability challenges and opportunities to achieve their goals and expectations.

Three main aspects of Newforesight appealed to me in a great manner. First, its long track record addressing challenges to generate market transformations in a global and regional context. Secondly, the conceptual framework of system thinking that is implemented to tackle clients’ sustainability challenges, which is closely related to the knowledge gained in my master’s. Finally, its expertise in the agricultural sector, which is one of the most important and resource-rich but least developed sectors in my home country, Colombia.

What was everything like you expected, stepping into the office?

Newforesight is the first work experience I have had in the Netherlands, which implied starting in a different work culture from the one I was used to, so it was intimidating to start. However, from day one my colleagues were very welcoming and receptive to the qualities I brought to the company, and very interested in learning about my personal life and goals beyond those related to my professional work. The first days were easier thanks to the team, and I managed to start my work on the projects in a guided way in which my contributions were valued. So far, I have felt more adapted than expected.

Did you create any new hobbies during the pandemic?

I had to live the pandemic from the very beginning. When everything started, I was living in Australia and then I moved to Colombia, so it was like two different situations that tested my resilience. Having difficulty expressing or even understanding my feelings regarding what was happening in the world, in the place where I lived and even in my home, I took refuge in art. I subscribed to an online drawing course and then I started experimenting with painting. Through this source of creativity, I could manage my emotions, overcome what the pandemic brought and find one of my main passions.

What is something that you can’t wait to work on at NewForesight?

Being Colombian, the coffee sector is undoubtedly a sector that I am passionate about. I would like to have the opportunity to work on projects related to this sector and, above all, work in those where living income gaps are addressed, so that the workers who depend on this sector can satisfy their basic needs and eventually have an impact on their community, region, and the development of the countries.