Meet Davide De Mauro: one of the number crunching Analysts at NewForesight

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an analyst at NewForesight? At NewForesight no role is exactly the same, but we do have quite a bunch of data-loving number crunchers that do most of our modelling work. One of them is Davide De Mauro, originally from Italy, but he already has lived and studied in The Netherlands for several years. Since last summer Davide joined the NewForesight team as a quantitative analyst. What does a quantitative analyst do? We asked him 4 questions to learn more.

  1. Davide, can you tell us something about life before NewForesight?

“I studied Industrial Ecology at the TUDelft and Leiden University, which sounds more complicated than it is. Industrial Ecology is essentially an analytical approach to solving sustainability challenges. As a multi-disciplinary field, it combines economics, social and environmental sciences. After my studies I worked at the Technical University of Delft as a researcher, supporting different sustainability projects, specifically related to biotechnology.  I also worked as an intern for Circle Economy, was a member of AstroPlant, a start-up in the space sector, and took part in the Association for Vertical Farming.”

  1. And what does life as a NewForesight-analyst look like now?

“As a quantitative analyst, you spend most of your day modelling, so Excel and I definitely spend a lot of time together. But the projects at NewForesight are very diverse, so they really provide me with an opportunity to further develop my strengths analytically, but also help me to become better at stakeholder management. These are crucial elements for a career in sustainability I believe. I work for a large amount of my time on analyzing Service Delivery Models, an initiative led by our long-term partner IDH (Sustainable Trade Initiative). As an analyst within this longterm SDM-project you support service providers of farmers in different commodity types. I, for instance, worked on analyses on sustainable coffee production in Vietnam and Indonesia. A great perk of doing these analyses: field trips to these countries!”

  1. What does the Analyst position provide, in terms of your professional development?

“Being an analyst at NewForesight goes beyond just analytics. You also develop core consultancy skills and improve your overall project management skills. Working at NewForesight provides you with the opportunity to look back-stage at partnerships of global stakeholders, tackling some of the world’s toughest sustainability challenges, and that teaches you a lot about how to truly create change. I especially learned a lot about ways to integrate sustainability with a business perspective and how to assess the full sustainability impact of innovative solutions in terms of social, environmental as well as economic impact. NewForesight also effectively supports everyone’s growth with personal mentoring and internal training. You are also encouraged to define your own area of expertise and build onto that within projects.”

  1. Is there something that you would like to share with possible new analysts?

“As an analyst, you play an important role in the consulting work of NewForesight. Through modelling, you generate impact throughout the entire value chain and are able to provide recommendations to companies to further integrate sustainability measures. Working at NewForesight is an amazing experience as you directly see the reality behind the analytical models that you build. Next to field trips, I have been able to participate in international conferences in Europe, which was a great opportunity for me to build my profile and to network with inspiring professionals in the field of sustainability.”

Want to know more about Davide and his work at NewForesight? You can reach out to him through his bio here.

Does the prospect of becoming an analyst at NewForesight excite you? Great! We are currently looking for quantitative analysts to strengthen our team. Head to the vacancy here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!