Changing the Food Game, the book on sustainable market transformations in agriculture by NewForesight CEO Lucas Simons, has been selected by Greenleaf Publishing as part of a special offer to celebrate Earth Day 2015 on April 22. For every eBook order, Greenleaf Publishing will gift the purchaser a planted cocoa tree in Cameroon through the organization Treedom.

The planting of a cocoa tree is a very fitting gift for purchasers of Changing the Food Game. The book details how the sustainable transformation of the cocoa sector started and is taking place currently, and NewForesight has facilitated many frontrunner initiatives on sustainable market transformation in the cocoa sector. The sector is facing some serious problems and productivity is one of them. Many cocoa trees are old and diseased and replanting of trees is not commonly practiced. Industry and consumers are starting to get increasingly worried about the upcoming supply crunch and some even predict 11 USD chocolate bars in the near future. At present, eleven of the largest cocoa and chocolate companies are aligned around a joint strategy that aims for a rejuvenated cocoa sector, starting with productivity and community development interventions in Ghana and Ivory Coast. NewForesight technically facilitated this strategy called CocoaAction.

Supplying planting material and replanting is an essential element of the CocoaAction strategy. NewForesight is therefore pleased with the Earth Day gesture of the publisher of Changing the Food Game. Greenleaf Publishing’s partner in this project, Treedom, is an organization that does agro-forestry projects, focusing on fruit trees. The cocoa trees planted in Cameroon will produce high quality cocoa beans, providing local farmers with additional income. Each tree will absorb 55kg of CO2 over the course of its life; as much as is produced by one person in four days on average. The tree’s “owner” can follow its progress on a website. The Institute for the Research of the Development of Agriculture under the supervision of the Cameroonian Ministry for the Scientific Research and Innovation will facilitate the project, estimating that the project will benefit 1,300 people, including the tree farmers and their families.

This offer will be valid from Monday April 20, 2015 and the trees will be available while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply: please see the Greenleaf Publishing website for further information. Two other Greenleaf titles are also part of the Earth Day offer: Base of the Pyramid 3.0: Sustainable Development through Innovation and Entrepreneurship edited by Fernando Casado Caneque and Stuart L. Hart, and The Responsible Fashion Company: Integrating Ethics and Aesthetics in the Value Chain by Francesca Romana Rinaldi and Salvo Testa.