About last month: Meeting 24 Young Agents of Change at NewForesight

One of our values as a company is: We own it and grow it. Investing in professional and personal growth, as individuals and as a team, is central to our work every single day. Combining this with our drive to have positive impact, we wanted to invest in the next generation of change makers; the many recent graduates and young professionals that get equally excited about tackling sustainability challenges. Between some cutting edge thinking in projects set to transform, among others, seafood and organic cotton, we hosted our first Young Agents of Change event on the 6th of April.

Almost every week at different Universities, NewForesight consultants give guest lectures on market transformation and how to apply this in practice and they often receive much enthusiasm. For the Young Agents of Change event, we therefore invited 24 handpicked future change agents and invited them to a full day crash course of NewForesight’s theory and practice. The day started off with a presentation of Lucas Simons on Market Transformation and the power young people can have. This was followed by some personal experiences shared by our Junior Analysts (the current Young Agents of Change) and a presentation about best practices and lessons learnt by our organic cotton expert Bart Vollaard.

In the second part of the day, it was up to the future YoAC’s themselves to work on some tough sustainability challenges. Divided into groups everyone got to choose their own cocoa cases, and could strategically select limited information from literature, data-sets or scheduled interviews. The outcome of their work was presented to the ‘potential’ clients and stakeholders, such as for example the fictitious ‘Willy Wonka Chocolate Company’.

We are proud of investing in a new generation of change agents through this event, mostly owing to the positive feedback from participants:

“If you are thinking about a career in which you can have an impact, but are not sure how, go to the Young Agents of Change Day! You can learn what the NewForesight team does, how they make a difference in their jobs and that the right mind-set is the way to get there.” – April (24)

Another participant, Lennard (26) noted that during the day, he; “got an insight into the work of a progressive consultancy that drives positive change. This experience strengthened my motivation to contribute to positive change.”

Even though being able to offer talented young people a position in our team is an important outcome, this was not the true aim of the day: wherever these young professionals will work, we hope they will keep up their motivation and efforts in tackling tough sustainability challenges and turning them into opportunities, just as we strive to do every day.

Excited about joining an event like this? Keep an eye on our website or leave your contact information here, as there is more to come.