Organization and Sector Strategy

Tough sustainability challenges – the question is not if you should tackle these, but how.

This is an era of change. Pressure from climate change, loss of biodiversity, resource scarcity, failing water and food systems, poverty and growing inequality, waste and pollution will continue to increase and markets will have no other options than to embrace the change, be disrupted, or corrected.

How to deal with these issues in a way that makes business sense? Tough sustainability challenges are systemic and interlinked in nature and can therefore only be tackled through partnerships with others and never in isolation. But you need to know what you are doing.

Our clients typically face three big questions.

  • What can we do to solve the sustainability issues we face in an effective and efficient way?
  • How do we work together with others in a credible way?
  • Can we create value in a market-driven way?

What we do

In partnership with our clients, we unlock the transformative potential of a well-designed strategy. We deliver systemic and market-driven solutions that work – from vision to impact. Our clients are provided with integrated market and landscape analysis, develop cutting edge sustainability strategies, convene multistakeholder processes, build effective and credible governance models, facilitate robust change processes. Our team of specialists can also develops sustainable investment opportunities, find credible ways to measure impact and help drive the implementation.

We are the right partner for you

We are proud to serve front-running clients like Fortune 500 companies, Multilaterals, Sustainability Platforms and Standards, Governments and NGOs from all over the world in markets like Agriculture and Food Systems, Infrastructure, the Build Environment, Energy, the Financial Sector, and many more.

NewForesight is a recognized and award-winning leader in Sustainable Market Transformation. We authored bestselling books about Sustainable Market Transformation. Universities and Business Schools work with us and we regularly train senior managers to become effective changemakers. We are eager to work with you and deliver transformative results.

For any further questions or opportunities to collaborate, please contact the Organization and Sector Strategy Domain Lead Laure Heilbron at laure.heilbron@newforesight.com.