We support you in your sustainability journey. From vision to transition.

Are you our next partner for sustainable change?

As a strategic consultancy NewForesight is specialized in tackling your tough sustainability challenges. Together we can initiate, shape, and drive the transformational strategies required for lasting impact. In the process we create business value, and a range of opportunities for you and your stakeholders. Here’s what we can do:

Are you an individual business or sector organization?
We enable you to take your role in driving systemic change at a global, regional or local level. We help you to address systemic challenges as a global actor. Whether you are a company, NGO, government institution or standard-setting organization, you play a role in sustainable transformation. You have an impact on the way goods and services are produced, how natural resources are managed, how governance is run and generate employment. NewForesight has worked with many individual organizations and businesses in shaping their role for sustainability in their sectors.

Or are you a coalition of organizations?
We enable you to collaboratively drive sustainability impact. Many ecosystem challenges cross jurisdictional boundaries and require systemic changes beyond the capabilities of individual organizations. You can do everything possible to improve your operational environmental and social impacts, but the absolute measure of your sustainable performance depends on value chain actors and upon the actions of suppliers and distributors from a global to a local level. The enabling environment of the sectors and landscapes you operate in can act as a driver of success – and failure – in pursuing long-term structural impact. At NewForesight we will make sure you maintain and sustain structural impact in functioning industry or Public-Private Partnerships, from strategy to implementation.

Are you wondering if you are the type of sustainability front-runner NewForesight works with? Here are some of our clients:

Companies that seek to put sustainability at the core of their strategy with an aim to create structural change in collaboration with others.

Multi-stakeholder partnerships that drive momentum and change across and beyond sectors through an actionable, collective and data-driven agenda.

Standards organizations that seek to leverage impact and the value of sustainability efforts at outcome-level.

NGOs that think beyond projects and aim to have a measurable, structural and large-scale impact.

Governments that are looking for market-driven pathways to sustainability by leveraging innovative partnerships.

Together with you, we can develop transformation strategies based on the root-cause and systemic issues in your sector. We design sustainability strategies for individual companies and organizations to drive change, develop viable business models for sustainability that quantify the impact and viability of sustainability efforts. We ensure coalitions and programs are effective implementation of programs at global and local levels. Get to know our offer here: