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Way Forward for WWF Supply Risk Analysis tool

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) engages businesses to promote action that would ensure their supply chains are sustainable. The WWF Market Transformation Initiative has identified 15 priority commodities including soy, cotton and palm oil that have significant negative effects on the world’s most sensitive ecoregions. Using expertise and knowledge gained in working with businesses that produce or source these commodities, WWF has developed the supply risk analysis tool. SRA is based on a criteria and indicator methodology that analyzes sustainability risks in a specific supply chain, allowing companies to identify their risks and prioritize mitigation strategies. On account of the tool’s success with some key corporate partners, WWF wanted to identify a strategy to leverage the use of SRA and maximize its impact in achieving the WWF conservation mission.

Based on existing data as well as original research, NewForesight was asked to identify internal challenges for scaling up the use of SRA throughout the WWF network, including network offices less experienced in corporate sustainability engagement; analyze external challenges from competitors; and propose strategic recommendations to move forward and achieve the greatest possible conservation impact with the tool, including giving advice on concrete adjustments to the business- and revenue model.

Work delivered
Following a period of desk research and interviews with WWF stakeholders as well as SRA clients, NewForesight identified key factors for the success of the tool and options for future development. NewForesight then made strategic recommendations to strengthen the design and functionality of the tool, increase its use by companies,and clarify its governance within WWF.


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This project took place in the first half of 2015. Do you use risk assessment tools and need a strategy? Contact Laure Heilbron