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Sharing experiences in cocoa supply chains with SECO

As part of the external project evaluation of “Colombia Exports Cacao” (COEXCA), the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) requested a comparative study of its Latin America projects in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. The comparative approach will allow SECO to distill general lessons learned and recommendations with regard to SECO’s future engagement in the cocoa sector in Colombia and other relevant regions. SECO also desired to include lessons learned from the perspective of the cocoa development programs in West Africa and Indonesia.

As an independent consultant with international experience in the cocoa supply chain, NewForesight was asked to provide strategic insights and lessons learned. Based on our experience in and knowledge of the cocoa sectors in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Indonesia, enriched with additional expert interviews and desk research, NewForesight was able to gather insights and information that were highly relevant for the client.

Work delivered
NewForesight facilitated part of a workshop with decision makers of SECO, where the insights and information was presented and discussed. Subsequently, we delivered a report which synthesized all the gathered insights and information, highlighting the general lessons learned from the perspective of the West African and Indonesian cocoa sustainability.


State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO


We cooperated with COMO consult for this assignment, which was responsible for the on-site evaluation of the South American cocoa projects.



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This project took place from July-August 2015. Do you want to know about sustainability in supply chains? Contact Laure Heilbron