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Evaluation of the social entrepreneurship program of the DOEN foundation

The DOEN foundation strives to build a green, socially inclusive and green society. They implement their mission by supporting committed social entrepreneurs with financial support and a network. To be able to develop sustainable, cultural and socially-engaged initiatives and convert these plans into reality.

One of the foundation’s major programs focuses on supporting social entrepreneurs who aim to increase social participation of vulnerable groups. The program was set up seven years ago and so far supported over 50 of the most innovative social innovations. NewForesight was asked to evaluate the success of the program and suggest points of improvement.

Work delivered
The evaluation showed that the financial contribution and support of the DOEN foundation has been instrumental for the success of the majority of the supported initiatives. However, the study also indicated that many of the entrepreneurs struggle to overcome structural barriers. Sound business models with increasing revenues are a challenge in the present system.

Future steps
NewForesight advised the foundation to focus on improving the social entrepreneurship ecosystem to overcome the existing structural barriers. This implies improved cooperation with other funds as well as with other key stakeholders. Together with NewForesight, the DOEN foundation is currently exploring this new approach.


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