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Developing Commonland’s investment review strategy and initial pipeline

Commonland’s mission is to create an investable large-scale landscape restoration industry in close cooperation with experts and existing initiatives. As one of the ways to achieve this, the foundation invests in businesses engaged in landscape restoration activities. To ensure that ventures with the highest potential impact are identified and invested in, Commonland needed a scouting and review strategy.

NewForesight was asked to work closely with the Commonland team to develop an effective system for identifying and reviewing businesses to invest in. In addition, NewForesight was asked to develop a preliminary database and pipeline with scouted and reviewed restoration ventures. This required creating a set of criteria and rating system, collecting and reviewing potentially interesting restoration ventures, iterative process of building a review process and database and finally ensuring a smooth transfer of the tools to the Commonland team.

Work delivered

  • A clear and thorough strategy for venture scouting and reviewing process
  • A user-friendly excel database for reviewed ventures

Future steps
NewForesight is currently working for Commonland to develop its monitoring and evaluation results framework and guidelines.




This project took place in the first half of 2015. Does your business need an effective system for investments in landscape restoration? Contact Bart Vollaard