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Action plan for circular procurement by local government bodies

Four local governments signed the national Green Deal Circular Procurement, and committed to a local trajectory called Circular Procurement Utrecht. They committed to two circular procurement trajectories in 2014 and agreed to visually integrate circular procurement into their procurement processes, policy and strategy by 2016.

An overarching definition and a joint implementation of key stakeholders was needed to upscale circular procurement. The Economic Board Utrecht asked NewForesight to bring structure to the highly fragmented landscape, and incite the transformation towards circular procurement.

Work delivered
NewForesight proposed a working structure for nationwide implementation. There are possibilities for synergy in implementation and the development of an impact measurement tool. In this working structure roles and responsibilities are attributed according to qualities and strengths. Part of the implementation is a combined learning process, which will lead to the most efficient results in the long run.

Future steps
The EBU is currently creating momentum. They are working on getting key stakeholders on board to incite the proposed market transformation in public and private procurement in The Netherlands.


Economic Board Utrecht

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The Circular Economy

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Initial set-up for measurement     of impact of circular procurement   (in Dutch)





This project started in 2013 and is still taking place. Do you have a fragmented landscape that needs a shared vision on sustainability and a working structure to go with?
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