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A report on land governance in the global South for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Acting on the recommendations of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (2012), Minister Ploumen of Foreign Affairs initiated the Land Governance Multi Stakeholder Dialogue (LG MSD) in August 2014. The goal of this dialogue between financial institutions, pension funds, multinational companies, NGOs, knowledge institutions and the government, is to determine how to contribute effectively to the improvement of land governance in countries of the global South where the Netherlands is active.

As an independent consultant, NewForesight was asked to collect and provide insights into the experiences of Dutch companies on land governance issues in the global south. Twelve companies operating in the agro-commodity, floriculture, palm oil and infrastructure sector were identified and interviewed. The companies’ representatives were asked about the nature and seriousness of the land governance issues, what the possible solutions are and how they see their own role and the role of the Dutch government in working towards these solutions.

Work delivered
The findings were aggregated and presented in a report informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other participants of the LG MSD on the experience and opinion of the Dutch companies. The report provided valuable new insights and presented an unbiased overview of private sector’s perspective on land governance issues. NewForesight also made recommendations to the ministry on how to work together with companies to improve land related issues in the countries in question.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

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 This project took place in early 2015. Do you need strategic advice on doing business in emerging economies? Contact Katinka Abbenbroek