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Development of Cargill Cocoa Promise Results Framework

In 2012, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate rolled out an ambitious sustainability program called the Cargill Cocoa Promise, with well-defined high-level objectives and supported by strong programs on the ground. To support the development of its program, the company wanted to strengthen the connection between its strategy and its activities on the ground, as well as advance its reporting beyond mainly outputs e.g. the number of farmers trained.

We worked with Cargill on the development of a results framework, to connect actions on the ground to the overall impact objectives; allow for better planning, monitoring and reporting; strengthen the connection and flow of information between the central business team and those on the ground; improve identification of best practices and learnings within the organization; and support external communications.

Work delivered
Cargill Cocoa Promise now has a results framework in place whereby each activity in local projects can be traced back to Cargill Cocoa Promise outcomes. This supports a harmonized and standardized Cargill Cocoa Promise message to which all projects on the ground can align, and which can then more effectively be monitored, evaluated (and improved) and reported. NewForesight also conducted a high-level assessment of the sustainability programs of Cargill’s competitors and customers to identify gaps, and addressed these in our recommendations. Furthermore, we developed a list of Cargill differentiators and the key principles of the Cargill way of working.

Future steps
Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate used the work delivered by NewForesight to inform the M&E work taking place in the organization, including the definition of standardized project design documents and indicators to be captured and reported on the ground, leading up to clear sets of outcomes and impacts. In addition, NewForesight supported the company with a follow-up assignment to help formulate the Cargill Cocoa Promise Results Framework into clear communications material for external audiences, including customers.


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This project took place in 2015. To learn more about how we can help you link impact of local projects to your organization’s (sustainability) goals by the development of a results framework, contact William Saab