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Call for collective action in the coffee sector: Vision 2020

The Vision 2020 initiative was developed as a means to coordinate the various sustainability initiatives in the coffee sector. After signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in March 2015, the 4C Association, IDH (the Sustainable Trade Initiative) and the International Coffee Organization (ICO) further developed the Vision 2020 approach, which consists of:
• Global themes and shared outcome objectives to achieve collective impact for the resilience and livelihoods of coffee farming communities and the sector as a whole;
• A framework to translate the shared objectives into actionable agendas through public private partnership platforms;
• One common reporting framework to create transparency, measure impact and allow for learning and continuous improvement.

To show the commitment of their members to Vision 2020, 4C Association and the Sustainable Coffee Program decided to publicly unite the sector through a Call for Collective Action to be released during the World Coffee Conference in Addis Ababa in March 2016.

NewForesight was first approached to write the Call for Collective Action for the private sector to express their commitment to the Vision 2020 framework and to invite other stakeholders to join the movement. Following the work delivered, combined with the team’s extensive knowledge of the coffee sector and earlier strategic assignments for the 4C Association, IDH’s Sustainable Coffee Program, and Vision 2020, NewForesight was requested to play an additional coordinating role in the Vision 2020 workshop in Addis Ababa on 3 March 2016. NewForesight prepared and facilitated this interactive workshop, involving a broad range of sector stakeholders in the definition of the Vision 2020 functions at global and local level, and design of the next steps. Additionally, NewForesight acted as strategic advisor in the positioning of Vision 2020 in relation to the establishment of the Global Coffee Platform and affiliated initiatives.

Work delivered
NewForesight enabled the 4C Association and IDH to leverage the momentum offered by the World Coffee Conference in Addis Ababa to present Vision 2020 as the umbrella approach to unite the sector under one sustainability vision, reporting framework and to grow public private collaboration. The Call for Collective Action was signed by over 30 leading organizations from the coffee sector. The Call for Collective Action and workshop form the basis for the further development of Vision 2020, as well as in clarifying the roles of the newly installed Global Coffee Platform and ICO in establishing Vision 2020 as the vehicle for collective impact in the coffee sector.



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This project took place from December 2015 to March 2016. To learn more about how we can help link sector sustainability initiatives into a holistic and collaborative approach, contact Hilde van Duijn