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Building blocks for the creation of an enabling environment for natural capital

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs is looking to create an enabling environment that stimulates private and public organizations to include natural capital in their decision-making procedures. The Ministry believes that a system lens and transitional thinking should be included to strengthen the discussion and find opportunities for implementation.

To include NewForesight thinking and to build upon the work done in an earlier project for RVO, NewForesight was asked to assist the Ministry in defining the building blocks for an enabling environment for natural capital, and communicate this among relevant stakeholders. These building blocks took the form of a non-paper intended as a contribution to a joint paper on natural capital through a system lens of The Natural Capital Coalition.

Work delivered
The Natural Capital Coalition and ICAEW organized two workshops directed towards finding solutions on how to include natural capital in private sector decision-making. On request of the Dutch Ministry NewForesight consultant Sharon Hesp participated in the July workshop in London, and NewForesight CEO Lucas Simons went to the October workshop in Rotterdam. In the workshops they contributed with NewForesight thinking on systems and sustainable sector transformations.

In November the final building blocks were delivered to the Ministry, which provided input for the World Forum on Natural Capital on 23-24 November in Edinburgh. At the World Forum on Natural Capital, leaders from businesses, governments and NGOs assembled to discuss integration of natural capital in their respective fields. NewForesight’s thinking on sustainable market transformations in agriculture served as an example for how natural capital accounting in the private sector can be given a boost.


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This project took place from July – November 2015.

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