Sharon Hesp

Besides her genuine interest in people, Sharon’s multilingual and soft skills enable her to connect with people from a variety of backgrounds. She is able to deliver bridge-building solutions, and effectively convene stakeholders and align them around a shared purpose and goals. For example, for the World Cocoa Foundation she coordinated the input of all CocoaActioncompanies on the upcoming ISO standard for sustainable and traceable cocoa. She enabled the companies to speak with one voice, and expanded the reach and impact of this groundbreaking industry sustainability strategy.

In her present role as Program Director for the Organic Cotton Accelerator, she focuses on growing the demand for organic cotton through enhancing the business case for all sector stakeholders. Collaboration is key to her work – how to promote more efficiency and integrity in the value chain, open the door to business opportunities for all sector stakeholders and preserve and enhance natural capital.

Besides her work as a NewForesight consultant, Sharon is currently a member of the international board of directors of the NGO VECO International. At NewForesight, she uses her expertise to drive work with not-for-profit organizations, and with the companies that wish to engage with them, by designing joint strategies that tackle tough sustainability challenges.

Sharon has a MA in Environmental and Social Science from Utrecht University.

Contact Sharon if you are looking to join the organic cotton movement, or if you are an NGO or company that seeks to enhance your sustainability impact.