Niko Wojtynia

Niko is curious and eager to develop new thinking, and to create opportunities for sustainability. As an analyst at NewForesight, Niko is always the first to dive deep into methods and approaches that will suit the needs of our clients. He is involved in the development of many new methods and approaches at NewForesight, principally focusing on the sustainability challenges which revolve around farmer livelihoods, land degradation and rural agricultural development.

For the Organic Cotton Accelerator, Niko supported the team in strategy and program development. At the TE Sustainability Conference in Hamburg, Niko shared his bold ideas with industry stakeholders in his home country of Germany.

Niko has also been an important contributor to the “New Horizons for the Transitioning of our Food System” report. This report has been jointly prepared by teams from NewForesight, Commonland, and The Boston Consulting Group, and argues that the food transition not only offers some of the biggest challenges mankind has ever faced, but offers significant opportunities for businesses, farmers, society and the planet.

Niko has an MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy from the Central European University in Budapest and a BA from University College Utrecht.