Matthijs Maas

Having read over 2,000 articles annually for the last few years, it is safe to say that Matthijs has a broad interest. All of this information and more is turned into insightful analyses that benefit many of our projects at NewForesight. Matthijs also uses his writing skills to contribute to several NewForesight reports and papers, such as the “New Horizons for the Transitioning of our Food System” report and articles like this one for the Organic Cotton Accelerator on sourcing strategies and practices.

Matthijs is also providing important support to the program development and implementation of the Organic Cotton Accelerator, as well as putting his knowledge and skills to use in IDH’s Service Delivery Model Study.

Besides his work as an Analyst at NewForesight, Matthijs is a Junior Associate at the Global Catastrophic Risks Institute, where his research focuses on safeguarding global food security. Matthijs holds a Bachelor of Arts (cum laude) from University College Utrecht, and an MA with distinction in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh.