Preceding your sustainability strategy a thorough program evaluation, market research and/or trends analysis might be required. This can lead to a customized theory of change on sustainable development within your sector. We can do this preparatory work to make sure your sustainability strategy is founded on a firm base.

Sustainable market transformation is a complex and specialized field. We offer you an expert body of knowledge on sustainable market transformation. Over the years we have garnered ample experience in dealing with sustainability challenges across multiple sectors, and have established ourselves as thought-leaders on the subject. We developed leading frameworks and theories describing sustainable market transformation principles and strategies.

Alongside our articles and publications, we lecture on a variety of topics related to market transformations. These include the tipping points for market transformation, finance for agriculture and social innovation at institutions such as the University of Utrecht, University of Amsterdam, Nijenrode Business University and TIAS Business School‎.

We also offer a half-day workshop by Lucas Simons based on his book Changing the Food Game. Your company’s sustainability strategy is analyzed and interactively translated into a winning strategy. Ideally the workshop is attended by around 10-15 people. A copy of Changing the Food Game is reserved for each participant.