Ultimately, the success of a strategy depends on strong implementation. We design the tools you need for putting into practice the market transformation you envision. These tools include sustainability certification, traceability systems and extension service delivery models. In addition, we help you design appropriate governance and organizational structures, including monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

Moreover, to include the key stakeholders in your sustainability ambitions we have a highly effective communication department. We can support you in designing a powerful communication strategy and content, and spread the message to your target group. With professional design and excellent data visualization tools and techniques, we can help you in creating professional presentations and documents. We visualize complexity, in both numbers and words.

Our visualization services include:

  • Thinking maps. We translate complex thoughts and ideas into structured and clear diagrams, so your team and your clients can understand them easily. These thinking maps reflect large amounts of information, strategies or plans in a simple, comprehensive and attractive way.
  • Evidence building. We help you to present the evidence (charts, data, numbers, etc) in a way that shows and strengthens your arguments.
  • Story telling. We work with you to build the story you want to tell, in order to create top professional presentations. We can develop a visual language (icons, logos, styles) that potentializes the message, infographics that support the argumentation and a presentation flow.