Meet our Strategy Advisors

Recently, we welcomed our second Strategy Advisor Ted van der Put, who previously worked as Director and Executive Board member at IDH. NewForesight’s Strategy Advisors are like-minded, driven senior consultants that work in collaboration with our team to tackle sustainability challenges systemically. We interviewed Ted and our other Strategy Advisor Wouter-Jan Schouten, who carries over 20 years of experience in management consulting at The Boston Consulting Group, to learn about their reasons for joining NewForesight.

Why did you decide to collaborate with NewForesight?

Ted Van der Put: I think it is an honor to be Strategy Advisor of NewForesight. This new role indicates my appreciation for NewForesight’s systemic way of working. We have the mutual intention to work together more closely in the future and add value to one each other’s work.

Wouter-Jan Schouten: I appreciate NewForesight for being a mission-driven consulting company that works on the transition of Food and Agriculture systems. Together, we advocate the need for these transitions and shape coalitions to work towards our mission.

What do you aim to achieve by working with NewForesight?

Ted Van der Put: We are all in search of ways to effectively solve the main bottlenecks in agricultural chains, using a systems approach. Essential in a systems approach is the convening of senior parties. It is my mission to bring together existing – though fragmented – initiatives and to ensure that stakeholders have a shared vision. By working with NewForesight, in addition to my ongoing support to IDH, the sustainable trade initiative, I hope to address these challenges even more.

Wouter-Jan Schouten: The food system is in need of transition. This transition offers tremendous opportunities for value creation. We have to take landscape approaches that aim for achieving regenerative agriculture systems with neutral or positive impact on soils, water and biodiversity. These landscape approaches will only work if we transform value chains to generate pull for regenerative agriculture production. We have to take a landscape approach where regenerative soils and ecosystems are central. In collaboration with NewForesight, we do our utmost to bring together and support coalitions that can drive the transition of our food systems. The past 3 years of collaboration with NewForesight have been fruitful; we published the New Horizons paper, published an assessment of major FMCG companies, and a lot more. I am excited to continue our journey!