Upcoming publication on Market Transformation is looking for last few sector-experts in specific sectors

Do you want to contribute to a book about transforming sectors towards sustainability and expand your network with like-minded sustainability frontrunners within and beyond your sector?

NewForesight Consultancy and Nyenrode Business University are developing a new book on sustainable market transformation, to be published by Taylor & Francis. As a respected sector expert, we invite you to join us and (co-)author a chapter. It will apply systems thinking to sustainable market transformation, showing how sectors go through phases of market transformation before reaching “full” sustainability. The book will not only be sold internationally, it will also be used as curriculum at business schools and by international companies to drive their sustainability and CSR strategies.

Interested to join this publication? Are you an expert in Retail, Mining, Healthcare, Tourism, Technology, Petrochemical or Water? Then we invite you to an informative webinar on April 10, 2018.

What’s in it for you?

  • An informative webinar where you will be introduced to market transformation thinking by Lucas Simons, CEO, and founder of NewForesight and writer of Changing the Food Game
  • Get a crash course in putting your thinking into writing as a potential (co-)author of a sector-chapter in the book.
  • Share learnings on sustainability progress with other sector-experts and expand your network

Sign up for the webinar

Send an email to indicating your name and the sector you are in; Retail, Mining, Healthcare, Tourism, Technology, Petrochemical or Water.

About Changing The Food Game and the theory of Market Transformation

  • The book Changing the Food Game, published by Lucas Simons and widely used at business schools, presents a new set of models for how sectors transform towards sustainability in phases.
  • The phases provide insight into the dynamics dominating a given sector, and what approaches and alliances can catalyze the transition to the next stage of a sector’s sustainability
  • This cornerstone ‘phases thinking’ concept helps change-makers understand how a sector’s progress towards sustainability is not linear, but instead a complex process consisting of ‘maturity’ phases.
  • The first chapter of the Changing the Food Game can be downloaded here (PDF).


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which sectors can be covered in the book?
A. We are open for different sectors, but the main focus lies on: Agriculture, Automotive, Apparel/Textile, Consumer electronics, Health care, Mining Energy (Oil&Gas), Financial, Construction, Education, Tourism, Transportation&Logistics and Petrochemical.

Q. Will the transportation costs to and from Nyenrode be reimbursed?
A. For the workshop transportation costs to/from Nyenrode will not be reimbursed

Q. Will food and drinks be provided during the day?
A. Yes, as well as networking drinks following the workshop.

Q. If I attend the workshop, does it automatically mean that I will be a co-author of the book?
A. Not necessarily. During the workshop, the sectors will be confirmed, the next steps (planning of the writing process) will be discussed and you will be offered the opportunity to join the writing team.

Q. Do I have to be responsible for a whole chapter or can I be part of a sector-chapter team?
A. It is possible to co-write a sector chapter. You can either propose a co-author or we can help find a good match.

Q. What is the timeline after the Workshop on the 16th of March?
A. A specific timeline will be discussed during the Workshop. Sector-chapters are to be finished by November 2018 and the entire book finalized by March 2019.

Q. What is the contact information in the case of any questions?
A. You can direct any questions to and we will come back to you as soon as possible.