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New Horizons report

The food transition is not only a challenge, but offers significant opportunities for businesses, farmers, society and the planet. These opportunities can be captured if we change our core approach to sustainability from ‘fragmented, reductionist efforts to combat negative impacts’ to ‘holistic programmes to capture net positive business opportunities’. This report aims to trigger decision makers to apply such holistic approaches to drive systemic change at scale.
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Entrepreneurship as a pathway out of poverty

The need for a more sustainable sector where farmers and their communities can prosper and thrive is a broadly shared conviction within the cocoa sector. According to our Senior Consultant Will Saab, the question should be: How can farmers fully realize their potential as entrepreneurs?
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NewForesight Insight

Driving the transition towards sustainability: This NewForesight Insight introduces a powerful system thinking tool: the Sustainable Transformation Curve (‘S-Curve’) and the associated Market Transformation Matrix. This cornerstone ‘phases thinking’ framework helps change makers design sustainability strategies which recognize and leverage the dynamics in each phase of sector ‘maturity’.
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Sector Transformation Model

This paper presents a sustainable sector transformation model which takes a holistic approach to transformation. It begins with an explanation of some of the dynamics of sector transformation. It then presents the limits of purely public or market-driven models, before finally presenting the five building blocks that make up the model.
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