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NewForesight Insight. The secret ingredient to effective sector strategies: Leveraging a sector's shape and market forces (2018)

The ‘Shapes & Forces’ model presented in the article enables you to grasp the complex forces that define your sector for you to devise strategies that steer them in the right direction and tackle sustainability in a structural way.
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Entrepreneurship as a pathway out of poverty: The 'missing link' of functioning markets in the cocoa sector and 4 drivers to transform our approach to farmer impact (2018)

How can cocoa farmers fully realize their potential as entrepreneurs? Will Saab provides answers in this article.
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NewForesight Insight. Driving the transition towards sustainability: the four phases of market transformation (2018)

This cornerstone ‘phases thinking’ framework helps change makers design sustainability strategies which recognize and leverage the dynamics in each phase of sector ‘maturity’.
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New Horizons for the Transitioning of Our food system: Connecting Ecosystems, Value Chains and Consumers (2017)

The food transition is not only a challenge, but offers significant opportunities for businesses, farmers, society and the planet. You read about them in the New Horizons report developed together with Commonland.
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Sustainable Sector Transformation: How to drive sustainability performance in smallholder-dominated agricultural sectors? (2015)

This paper presents a sustainable sector transformation model for smallholder dominated agricultural commodity sectors which seeks to take a holistic approach to transformation by combining supply chain and sector dynamics. Its five building blocks are explained using examples from different countries and sectors.
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